Friday, March 11, 2011

FreeBSD Serial (93): reverse proxy load balancing

Mentioned the use of proxy server forwards the request within the Web server, use this acceleration model is clearly static pages can enhance the access speed. However, you can also consider such a technique, even using the proxy server forwards the request to more than one Web server, so as to achieve load balancing purposes.

Apache development team member Ralf S. Engelschall, an agent-based Apache module mod_proxy reverse proxy module developed mod_rproxy, used to achieve load balancing, refer to his article Load Balancing Your Web Site: http://www.WebTechniques. com/features/1998/05/engelschall/engelschall.shtml

This proxy form and the general agent differently, the standard way customers use a proxy agent to access multiple external Web server, which is a proxy agent means multiple customers to access the internal Web server, also known as reverse proxy mode. Squid acceleration mode and the similar, but did not achieve more balanced internal server settings. Although the realization of this task can not be regarded as particularly complex, but as for special high efficiency, while achieving up is not very simple.

The advantage of using the reverse proxy can be load balanced and high-speed caching proxy server together, provide a useful performance. However, it also exists in itself no small problem, first of all is the need for the development of each of the specialized services of a reverse proxy server, this is not an easy task. And, although the proxy server itself, although you can design very efficient, but each for each agent, the proxy server must maintain two connections, an external connection, an internal connection, so for the particularly high when the connection request , the proxy server load also very big. Is likely to be in the final reverse proxy server, a service bottleneck.

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