Friday, March 11, 2011

FreeBSD Serial (93): reverse proxy load balancing

Mentioned the use of proxy server forwards the request within the Web server, use this acceleration model is clearly static pages can enhance the access speed. However, you can also consider such a technique, even using the proxy server forwards the request to more than one Web server, so as to achieve load balancing purposes.

Apache development team member Ralf S. Engelschall, an agent-based Apache module mod_proxy reverse proxy module developed mod_rproxy, used to achieve load balancing, refer to his article Load Balancing Your Web Site: http://www.WebTechniques. com/features/1998/05/engelschall/engelschall.shtml

This proxy form and the general agent differently, the standard way customers use a proxy agent to access multiple external Web server, which is a proxy agent means multiple customers to access the internal Web server, also known as reverse proxy mode. Squid acceleration mode and the similar, but did not achieve more balanced internal server settings. Although the realization of this task can not be regarded as particularly complex, but as for special high efficiency, while achieving up is not very simple.

The advantage of using the reverse proxy can be load balanced and high-speed caching proxy server together, provide a useful performance. However, it also exists in itself no small problem, first of all is the need for the development of each of the specialized services of a reverse proxy server, this is not an easy task. And, although the proxy server itself, although you can design very efficient, but each for each agent, the proxy server must maintain two connections, an external connection, an internal connection, so for the particularly high when the connection request , the proxy server load also very big. Is likely to be in the final reverse proxy server, a service bottleneck.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (Directory)

Programmer application development from a large number of accumulated a lot of very useful experience and skills, they are like a plate of fast food, seemingly simple but rich in nutrients absolutely! With "food", your VB program will immediately overclocking. Hesitant about, come and enjoy the taste of it ...

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (1)
1. With the Mid $ command string to add speed operation
2. From scratch, remove the collection of items
3. InStr function implementation code with weight loss
4. Fine with Boolean expressions, so the code again to lose weight
5. The function name clever to do local variables

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (B)
6. Fire Variant eyes to see through the hidden variable
7.GoSub slow down in the compilation process
8. DoEvents statement to reduce the number of
9.And, Or and Xor: let us to optimize the expression
10. Static variable slower than the dynamic variable

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (C)
11. Use "Assume No Aliasing" compiler option
12. For the definition of the appropriate type of constant
13. You truly understand the "Allow Unrounded Floating Point Operations" option means?
14. Division operator "" and "/" The difference between
15. Use "$ - type" string functions will be faster

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (D)
16. Magical Replace function replaces the string concatenation operator &
17. Fixed-length string array: assign quick release soon!
18. Did not return an array of open-type function to accelerate Tips
19. In-depth using the LIKE operator
20. To create any length simple method of repeating strings

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (5)
21. Another way to deal with characters in a string: byte array method
22. Quickly clear the contents of the array part
23. Fast initialization array of Variant and String types
24. Access Simple variables are always faster than the array element values
25. Create a new table, Rapid Copy field

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (6)
26. No flash quickly attach strings to the textbox control
27. OptionButton quickly find the selected
28. Forms and controls to prevent a form of uninstall cited
29. Re-define the base address compiled DLL files
30. Rapid redeployment of TreeView control and ListView control sub-items

VB overclocking fast food, let me first with your fill! (7)
31.Friend process faster than the Public Process
32. Use Objptr function to quickly find a collection of objects
33. Use ObjPtr detect whether two object variables pointing to the same object
34. Simple method of reading the file contents
35. Font object cloning trick Law

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Skype blocked deserve?

It is reported that China Telecom is brewing completely blocked by Skype, voice-chat tool, and has entered the implementation stage. Specific measures include the current server block Skype, so users can not log on. Why China Telecom blocking Skype? Just because Skype is a voice-chat tool? Not, but the secret behind the line of Skype Internet phone, which directly violated the interests of China Telecom.

VoIP is huge global market, Google has been involved in voice communications, Microsoft bought Teleo to Internet telephony to competition. Even as the core business C2C giant eBay has come to start looking for new product categories and international markets, but also the target to the network the phone. It is said, eBay hopes to 2 billion to 3 billion U.S. dollars to buy Skype, talks are underway.

China is no exception, many companies are pegged to the VoIP piece of fat, have a secret test-related technologies and software, such as market liberalization on. Not only that, there are still many "underground" network of phone operators. But now because of policy reasons, China's VoIP market is closed, the right to operate basic telecom operators in several hands. Because, according to "Classification of Telecommunications Services" requirement, PhonetoPhone and PCtoPhone VoIP belong to basic telecommunications services, only the six basic telecommunications operators have the right to operate. This is China Telecom to block Internet telephony's "most powerful weapon." Although the regulatory powers of the VoIP communication management does not let prejudice to China Telecom in the technology to do a little hands and feet, on its own to protect their own interests. This is like the software manufacturer's software in their own version of the set for the number of active anti-theft program.

TOM may feel injustice, and that was not injustice. Plan to introduce the Skype, and Skype this year and set up a joint venture with the hope of a future Internet telephony market, make a difference, TOM policy risks have been foreseen, in the Tom download the Skype software does not open PCtoPhone function. But the global nature of the network, everyone will be very easy and down to the Skype Web site from outside the software, use it to play PCtoPhone VoIP, the negative effects, including blocked and so on, TOM will assume more or less.

TOM Although the Chinese have not opened PCtoPhone Skype's features, but there are indications that it would like the cover of darkness, paranoia secret to occupy the market. Our "Skype Simplified Chinese version of introduction" to see a major advantage of publicity Skype is "fixed telephone calls": "You can use SkypeOut to achieve PC2Phone functionality, low price and good sound, is VOIP". TOM pointed out that the current domestic market is not running this business, but also encourage users to use international credit cards to the Skype site to purchase SkypeOut global points. TOM and July also launched the "Million Huafei big gift" activities, allowing users to get free calls worldwide with Skype telephony. So the one hand, the official pointed out that no PCtoPhone TOM business, but is actively promoting the use of market behavior users PCtoPhone function, setting up shop in Internet telephony market, it is violation of policy behavior.

TOM fact should be aware, Skype in China currently can only serve as an instant messaging tool, no other use, to the VoIP features on its head, on the Cairu policy minefield. Skype will now face China Telecom blocked and do not have much argument. Skype, a powerful, TOM only hopes the market lifted the ban on VoIP!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training of new employees approach HR

Effort not only between the regular preaching

June, talent market, the graduate employment, business greeting another individual hillock peak. How do new employees into the team with the fastest speed, maximum potential? Primary role in training here.

Key words - "new"

Can be understood from two perspectives, first of all "old" and "new", thus corresponding to promote understanding is to train employees to solve from the "new" to the "old" staff role, this is a new environment, new cognitive processes work; Another understanding is that the "new" as a starting point, staff reporting for duty, a stage in his career, the beginning of this understanding should be under the new training mission is to help employees better start, and even the run-up This is an understanding of job functions and business processes, with relevant knowledge and basic skills, and adjustment of new employees into the working state of the entire process.

a. covers

Currently, new employee training better than a mature business, basically for the purpose of training is defined in two ways: first, the new staff have a comprehensive understanding of the company, understand and agree with the company's business and corporate culture understand the acceptance of the common language and codes of conduct; 2, so that new employees themselves of their responsibilities, tasks and objectives, to master essentials of work, procedures and working methods, as soon as possible into the job role.

The training content is often related to:

1. Company Profile: business, business history, business-like and the position in the industry, future prospects, business philosophy and corporate culture, organization and various departments of the feature set, personnel structure, compensation policies, the training system;

2. Staff Code: Business rules, incentive regulations, code of conduct, etc.;

3. The financial system: the cost of claims handling procedures and related processes and procedures to apply for the use of office equipment;

4. Site visit: Visit various departments and business entertainment and other public places of work;

5. Induction training: job responsibilities, professional knowledge and skills, business processes, departmental business around relationships.

b. how

In actual operation, most of the process is to first introduce the new staff aware of their colleagues in the upper and lower level class, field visit to the new work environment, to "Employee Handbook" and "guide posts", and then to read the materials or use of multimedia carrier or the experts to explain the situation of the company, including business summary, various codes and systems, explain the department by the business process manager, job responsibilities, working procedures and methods and so on. Throughout the training, knowledge and understanding of some attention and have been reflected, however, to help employees better and faster access to new starting point for his career, leading his journey to this level, many businesses are still not well implementation, in particular how to adjust the status of staff in place.

Leadership development through courses, "situational leadership" theory, the analysis of the new state employees to grasp the two dimensions, one is the power, the other is the will, which are both at a personal level decision whether a person can in its the workplace to make good, even excellent performance elements. Attitudes and wishes of the important factors affecting the performance of very simple and obvious one example is a good man cooks, not necessarily a good family to play the "cook male" role, while many companies seeking 70 people, also is considered that this Although class talents and abilities are not top quality excellent, but their work is often a sense of crisis as more and more active diligence, which can make even better performance, cost-effective.

c. emotional link

Human mind is very subtle, it is not easy to grasp the factors, not simple transmission of information can be adjusted to achieve the purpose, only by creating an experience for employees to feel and experience. Whether cultivated a sense of belonging, a sense of mission work, and whether to set up the enthusiasm of the staff come into contact with the new work will determine the preliminary stage. Therefore, the new employee with the company, with colleagues, and their work to establish emotional links, is an important part of the new training.

In the company's corporate culture and the various rules and regulations established under the premise of new training techniques can be enhanced by many new companies and new environment on the positive emotions:

1. New emotional touch with the new environment, from the moment he reported for duty to report has been launched. Therefore, newcomers, and the first day of its office location and clean, office supplies are available, can give employees a comfortable environment-friendly, faster and get them accepted by their own feelings;

2. A brief welcomeletter, has guided his understanding of their superiors, colleagues and subordinates, can give new people a very warm feeling of home environment on a new sense of belonging; if new employees and reported, a little design special reception hall, you can pass the same signal;

3. Induction itself is designed to be comprehensive and systematic, scientific methodical, that affect new employees to the company the impression of a factor in the implementation, training plans are clear, concise, and the first time to new understanding of the various stages of the training kinds of materials to prepare the adequacy of the organization, high efficiency, etc., also affect the judgments on the company's new employees;

4. The general and the rules and regulations and other enterprises, the text material has been introduced to achieve the purpose, but if you use multimedia tools, or assign special personnel to explain, not only can employees feel their company spent on energy, sense of humane care , can lead staff to focus on concerns that they concern, such as stress or highlight the company's various welfare system characteristics, etc.;

5. Training forms and venues as diverse and flexible to help build the company's humanized image of the new employee with the company to further enhance the emotional link.

In short, the new training mission implementation effort not only between the regular sermon, but to probe the inner and outer extension of the entry of new employees after contact with the new environment, all aspects of development, good attention to every little detail, reflect the more humane care, can help build employees work on a new sense of belonging and positive achievements of excellence for the good preparation work.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The new Itanium code-named "Tukwila" 4 core catch SUN Rock

May 7 news, future versions of Intel code-named "Tukwila" Itanium processor has conducted a number of changes. In the concept version of the chip during the chip has changed names twice, but did not determine the number of cores, possibly even 4 to 32 cores. However, it seems that Intel made a final decision, which will use the Itanium chip, 4 cores.

According to website reported that the sources pointed out that the Itanium chip, Intel's decision to design smaller and faster with the number of cores rather than a greater number of low-power core, people in more than a year time has been looking forward to confirm four core Intel Itanium processors. Using four core Intel chip design will provide users with better single thread, so Intel's Itanium processor performance between IBM Power6 processors and faster Sun Microsystems Rock 16 core processing between devices.

Tukwila chip with Intel that it has accepted an increase in the chip memory controller and code-named "CSI" (Common System Interconnect bus) serial interconnect technology ideas. Real World Technologies in Asia Conference on High Performance Computing at Intel's presentations received after the disclosure of such information.

According to reports, Tukwila processor market in 2008. This processor uses a chip on the FB-DIMM memory controller. This memory controller can reduce the delay. FB-DIMM memory controller can support four channels of memory, it may support more channels of memory. Owing to the reduced memory latency, Tukwila processor cache capacity needs than the previous Itanium chip is less.

Code-named "Montecito" dual-core Itanium processor, a 27MB cache configuration, while the Tukwila processor is said to only 6MB 3 cache per core, or the processor chip has 24MB cache. The first chart shows that the four core chip and and each cache has a control communication between the switch.

Tukwila processor, the first code name "Tanglewood", originally released in 2007. Tukwila processor end chip design should allow Intel to catch up with rivals in many aspects, such as on-chip memory controller and the use of more cores simultaneously handle multiple software threads and so on.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Youtube to TV Program

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Youtube Video to Divx Top Rated

Hot popluar youtube video Converter + download + player tool. With YouTube tool you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos to a format compatible with your favorite portable device; including - iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, as well as video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket PC, And finally... YouTube tool's embedded player will allow you to watch all your favorite YouTube videos off-line. So now you can enjoy any .flv and .swf videos anytime!
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