Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Training of new employees approach HR

Effort not only between the regular preaching

June, talent market, the graduate employment, business greeting another individual hillock peak. How do new employees into the team with the fastest speed, maximum potential? Primary role in training here.

Key words - "new"

Can be understood from two perspectives, first of all "old" and "new", thus corresponding to promote understanding is to train employees to solve from the "new" to the "old" staff role, this is a new environment, new cognitive processes work; Another understanding is that the "new" as a starting point, staff reporting for duty, a stage in his career, the beginning of this understanding should be under the new training mission is to help employees better start, and even the run-up This is an understanding of job functions and business processes, with relevant knowledge and basic skills, and adjustment of new employees into the working state of the entire process.

a. covers

Currently, new employee training better than a mature business, basically for the purpose of training is defined in two ways: first, the new staff have a comprehensive understanding of the company, understand and agree with the company's business and corporate culture understand the acceptance of the common language and codes of conduct; 2, so that new employees themselves of their responsibilities, tasks and objectives, to master essentials of work, procedures and working methods, as soon as possible into the job role.

The training content is often related to:

1. Company Profile: business, business history, business-like and the position in the industry, future prospects, business philosophy and corporate culture, organization and various departments of the feature set, personnel structure, compensation policies, the training system;

2. Staff Code: Business rules, incentive regulations, code of conduct, etc.;

3. The financial system: the cost of claims handling procedures and related processes and procedures to apply for the use of office equipment;

4. Site visit: Visit various departments and business entertainment and other public places of work;

5. Induction training: job responsibilities, professional knowledge and skills, business processes, departmental business around relationships.

b. how

In actual operation, most of the process is to first introduce the new staff aware of their colleagues in the upper and lower level class, field visit to the new work environment, to "Employee Handbook" and "guide posts", and then to read the materials or use of multimedia carrier or the experts to explain the situation of the company, including business summary, various codes and systems, explain the department by the business process manager, job responsibilities, working procedures and methods and so on. Throughout the training, knowledge and understanding of some attention and have been reflected, however, to help employees better and faster access to new starting point for his career, leading his journey to this level, many businesses are still not well implementation, in particular how to adjust the status of staff in place.

Leadership development through courses, "situational leadership" theory, the analysis of the new state employees to grasp the two dimensions, one is the power, the other is the will, which are both at a personal level decision whether a person can in its the workplace to make good, even excellent performance elements. Attitudes and wishes of the important factors affecting the performance of very simple and obvious one example is a good man cooks, not necessarily a good family to play the "cook male" role, while many companies seeking 70 people, also is considered that this Although class talents and abilities are not top quality excellent, but their work is often a sense of crisis as more and more active diligence, which can make even better performance, cost-effective.

c. emotional link

Human mind is very subtle, it is not easy to grasp the factors, not simple transmission of information can be adjusted to achieve the purpose, only by creating an experience for employees to feel and experience. Whether cultivated a sense of belonging, a sense of mission work, and whether to set up the enthusiasm of the staff come into contact with the new work will determine the preliminary stage. Therefore, the new employee with the company, with colleagues, and their work to establish emotional links, is an important part of the new training.

In the company's corporate culture and the various rules and regulations established under the premise of new training techniques can be enhanced by many new companies and new environment on the positive emotions:

1. New emotional touch with the new environment, from the moment he reported for duty to report has been launched. Therefore, newcomers, and the first day of its office location and clean, office supplies are available, can give employees a comfortable environment-friendly, faster and get them accepted by their own feelings;

2. A brief welcomeletter, has guided his understanding of their superiors, colleagues and subordinates, can give new people a very warm feeling of home environment on a new sense of belonging; if new employees and reported, a little design special reception hall, you can pass the same signal;

3. Induction itself is designed to be comprehensive and systematic, scientific methodical, that affect new employees to the company the impression of a factor in the implementation, training plans are clear, concise, and the first time to new understanding of the various stages of the training kinds of materials to prepare the adequacy of the organization, high efficiency, etc., also affect the judgments on the company's new employees;

4. The general and the rules and regulations and other enterprises, the text material has been introduced to achieve the purpose, but if you use multimedia tools, or assign special personnel to explain, not only can employees feel their company spent on energy, sense of humane care , can lead staff to focus on concerns that they concern, such as stress or highlight the company's various welfare system characteristics, etc.;

5. Training forms and venues as diverse and flexible to help build the company's humanized image of the new employee with the company to further enhance the emotional link.

In short, the new training mission implementation effort not only between the regular sermon, but to probe the inner and outer extension of the entry of new employees after contact with the new environment, all aspects of development, good attention to every little detail, reflect the more humane care, can help build employees work on a new sense of belonging and positive achievements of excellence for the good preparation work.

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