Monday, September 27, 2010

Skype blocked deserve?

It is reported that China Telecom is brewing completely blocked by Skype, voice-chat tool, and has entered the implementation stage. Specific measures include the current server block Skype, so users can not log on. Why China Telecom blocking Skype? Just because Skype is a voice-chat tool? Not, but the secret behind the line of Skype Internet phone, which directly violated the interests of China Telecom.

VoIP is huge global market, Google has been involved in voice communications, Microsoft bought Teleo to Internet telephony to competition. Even as the core business C2C giant eBay has come to start looking for new product categories and international markets, but also the target to the network the phone. It is said, eBay hopes to 2 billion to 3 billion U.S. dollars to buy Skype, talks are underway.

China is no exception, many companies are pegged to the VoIP piece of fat, have a secret test-related technologies and software, such as market liberalization on. Not only that, there are still many "underground" network of phone operators. But now because of policy reasons, China's VoIP market is closed, the right to operate basic telecom operators in several hands. Because, according to "Classification of Telecommunications Services" requirement, PhonetoPhone and PCtoPhone VoIP belong to basic telecommunications services, only the six basic telecommunications operators have the right to operate. This is China Telecom to block Internet telephony's "most powerful weapon." Although the regulatory powers of the VoIP communication management does not let prejudice to China Telecom in the technology to do a little hands and feet, on its own to protect their own interests. This is like the software manufacturer's software in their own version of the set for the number of active anti-theft program.

TOM may feel injustice, and that was not injustice. Plan to introduce the Skype, and Skype this year and set up a joint venture with the hope of a future Internet telephony market, make a difference, TOM policy risks have been foreseen, in the Tom download the Skype software does not open PCtoPhone function. But the global nature of the network, everyone will be very easy and down to the Skype Web site from outside the software, use it to play PCtoPhone VoIP, the negative effects, including blocked and so on, TOM will assume more or less.

TOM Although the Chinese have not opened PCtoPhone Skype's features, but there are indications that it would like the cover of darkness, paranoia secret to occupy the market. Our "Skype Simplified Chinese version of introduction" to see a major advantage of publicity Skype is "fixed telephone calls": "You can use SkypeOut to achieve PC2Phone functionality, low price and good sound, is VOIP". TOM pointed out that the current domestic market is not running this business, but also encourage users to use international credit cards to the Skype site to purchase SkypeOut global points. TOM and July also launched the "Million Huafei big gift" activities, allowing users to get free calls worldwide with Skype telephony. So the one hand, the official pointed out that no PCtoPhone TOM business, but is actively promoting the use of market behavior users PCtoPhone function, setting up shop in Internet telephony market, it is violation of policy behavior.

TOM fact should be aware, Skype in China currently can only serve as an instant messaging tool, no other use, to the VoIP features on its head, on the Cairu policy minefield. Skype will now face China Telecom blocked and do not have much argument. Skype, a powerful, TOM only hopes the market lifted the ban on VoIP!

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